Wakame Seaweed


Wakame (Winged Kelp or Alaria marginata) is the most graceful sea plant growing in the ocean.
Wakame is olive green to brown in color.

With a rubbery, long, smooth, single blade, featuring wavy edges, that grows up to six feet in length.
It features a small but strong-branched holdfast.

wakame seaweed 1

wakame seaweed 2


Wakame grows in low intertidal and subtidal rocky shore zones and is present on both coast of North America, Alaria marginata on the West Coast and Alaria esculenta on the East Coast, central Europe, England, Japan, Korea, China, and Iceland.

Wakame is biennial, harvested in early spring to summer, citting a few inches above the holdfast and leaving the lower cluster of leaflets to regrow.

Usually only midsection of the blade is used, as the stipe base is very hard and the tip is ragged. Its flavor is delicate and sweet with a clean flavor and aroma.

Herbal Remedy

Wakame softens hardened tissue, inhibits tumors, detoxifies body tissues, eases couph, aids congestion, treats nicotine poisoning, lowers blood pressure, prevents arteriosclerosis, strengthens liver, purifies the blood (used after childbirth).

As a topical treatment, promotes hair growth, improves skin tone, enhances youthful appearance, treats dry skin, fights free radicals and is a nourishing, firming, tonic to the skin.

wakame seaweed 3